Food & Drink - Local markets

What a pleasure and delight it is to wander around a French market when you are on holiday, taking in all the colourful sights, wonderful smells and different sounds.

One of the best things about them, is that they have not really changed much in years. Every market is slightly different, which is part of its charm, but usually you will find a good range of beautifully displayed, seasonal quality local fruit and vegetables at lower prices than at the supermarket.

We now have our own little Sunday morning market in Le Puy Notre Dame, selling mainly fresh local organic produce. In the winter it is mainly fruit and vegetables and in the summer you can also buy cheese and meat there. It is also a great place where the locals meet and catch up on any gossip.

Here is a list of when the local markets are held, most of which are less than an hour’s drive away. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Doue la Fontaine Angers Angers Angers Angers Angers Angers
Les Rosiers-sur Loire Bourgueil Fontevraud l'Abbaye Brissac-Quincé​​ Samur Bourgueil Saumur
Gennes Saumur Chinon Thouars Chinon Le Puy Notre Dame
Loudun Tours Saumur Tours Martigne Briand
Montreuil-Bellay Vihiers Tours Saumur
Saumur Tours